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ELITE ELITE-404          ELITE ELITE-404

ELITE-404 general description

The ELITE 404 is the Big Brother of the ELITE 402. The ELITE 404 is as well a high quality speaker cabinet with excellent sound performance which should be used as satellite system together with a subwoofer. The ELITE 404 is equipped with four specially designed PSE-audio 4.5” soft dome transducers for extended frequency range and high fidelity sound. The four transducers are facing in two directions to cover a wide angle. Two transducers are straight out facing, the other two are cross facing 40°. The two transducers facing in the same direction are assembled to create a vertical line similar like a column sound system. With this kind of arrangement the sensitivity is increased 3dB.

Optional 100V transformer is available for long cabling. The optional 100V line transformer provides also the option to put a lot of ELITE 404 in one line.

The ELITE 404 is equipped with an advanced wall mounting bracket and can be fixed even to the wall without any distance. The bracket is integrated in the back panel of the cabinet and can´t be recognized from the front or side view. There are more brackets available like “knee joint”, adapter plates and tripod adapter to give the customers the most flexibility for mounting and using the advanced ELITE 404.

The standard coating is a high strength and high scratch-resistant black pure PU coating. Optional PSE-audio can provide on special customer request standard structure varnishing with any color and shiny piano mirror painting is also available in any kind of color.

The standard using of the ELITE 404 is horizontal but the cabinet can also be used 90° turned and upright. The PSE-audio logo is rotatable. There is a left and right version of ELITE 404 available. By the left version the speakers on the left side are cross facing 40° by the right version the speakers on the right side are cross facing 40°.

The ELITE 404 is suitable for many applications especially in combination with a subwoofer. Typical usage is for Bars, Pubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Presentations, Conference rooms, Shopping malls, Retailer shops, home-cinema, powerful home-HiFi and so on.



ELITE-404 specification
rated impedance (optional) 16Ω (4Ω, 8Ω, 32Ω)
operation mode passive
power handling capacity passive AES/peak* 200W / 600W*
available frequency response** 80Hz-18kHz
max. sound pressure level*** 122dB
directivity (h x v) 150°/60°
LF-transducer rated size 4 x 4"
LF-transducer voice coil diameter 26mm/1"
LF-transducer magnet structure ferrite
black PU high strength structural coating standard
structural traditional painting (different colors) optional coating²
piano mirror painting (different colors) optional coating³
front covering 10mm acoustic foam
housing 15mm MDF 1.class
dimension h/w/d in mm 292/326/212
weight 9.5kg

* peak 10ms, with TD-8000 amplifier and ELITE-404 max controller setup
** -10dB with ELITE-404 FR controller setup
***1m free field, pink noise, crest factor 10dB, with TD-8000 and ELITE-404SPL controller setup


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