basssub SB-18



basssub SB-18          basssub SB-18

SB-18 general description

Features SB-18

  • 18" neodymium speaker (5"/125mm voice coil)
  • bandpass design
  • 12 x M8 mounting points
  • M20 pole mount plate
  • 2 Neutrik speakon 4-pin
  • bass link function
  • perforated steel front grill powder coated
  • acoustic foam 4mm behind front grill
  • 4 x rubber feet
  • stackable
  • wood housing plywood
  • polyurea (PU) high scratch proof coating
  • optional regular painting black or white


basssub SB-18

SB-18 specification
rated impedance (optional) 8Ω (16Ω)
power handling capacity AES/peak* 1500W / 4500W*
available frequency response** 30Hz-120Hz
max. sound pressure level*** 134dB
LF-transducer rated size 18"
LF-transducer voice coil diameter 5"/125mm
LF-transducer magnet structure neodymium
dimension w/h/d in mm 700/600/640
weight 47.3kg

* peak 10ms, with TD-8000 amplifier and SB-18 max controller setup
** -10dB with SB-18 FR controller setup
***1m free field, pink noise, crest factor 10dB, with TD-8000 and SB-18 SPL controller setup